On the Road to Navarra: Rioja-Alta Vina Alberdi Crianza 2005

I flew in the late afternoon yesterday to a small sliver of an airport in Bilbao, a fall rain had just wet the runway, how different the climate is here in northern Spain compared with that of Madrid. 

I was a bit weary from the long flight [all the way from San Diego] but was revived as I drove into a great looking city so full of the life's hustle-bustle infused with beautiful architecture, while still respecting their vivid history.

Last night, was the first I spent in the wonderful Bilbao, Spain. A  wondrous bee-hive of activity in the city center last night; I mean the place was really jumping. I thought to myself how anyone could be home, as the fresh rain-soaked streets pulsed with the excitement of the weekend.

As I explored this fascinating city I came across a bust of one of the American founding fathers and I thought; "huh, this is odd" until I read the inscription just underneath taken from a book entitled "A Defence of the Constitutions of Government of the USA", where Adams was expressing his admiration for the Basque people: "These extraordinary people have preserved their ancient language, genius, laws, government, and customs unchanged, more than any other nation in Europe" after he spent five days in Bilbao exploring ideas for the creation of a new government in what was the colonies at the time. So yeah, all that 1776 stuff in America found some of its inspiration here in Bilbao, geez who knew [but I'm not surprised].

Meanwhile back at the wine review your hero finally made his way to a local bar and restaurant Markina [great wine list] where I dined on some oxtail stew and some potato "thingy" [a technical term] blended with fried eggs and saffron, quite tasty. My meal paired wonderfully with the suggested wine the Rioja-Alta Vina Alberdi 2005 Crianza from the fine folks at La Rioja Alta SA

In the glass a faded garnet leaning toward a near watery rim. The nose full of stewed plum and strawberry, mingled with fresh earth. On the palate baked pale blackberry, strawberry and plum all danced together nicely with the vineyard dust blended in and with a piece of unsweetened black licorice; leading to the sexy-dirty finish. A great food wine, weighing at a mere 12.5% abv, it sells for 9 euros for the half bottle. That was my first evening here in the Navarra region and I'm so excited to continue to explore, so until next time my friends sip long and prosper cheers!


Beau said…
Bill..you should look up what Bodegas y Vinedos means ;-)
Will Eyer said…
Hey Beau,
oh-opps thanks for catching that error, mucho appreciated!=D

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