The Wines of Navarra: Navarra Uncorked

"It has been said; that "the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes" ~ Marcel Proust

It is with that in mind that I and few other fellow bloggers will be on our way to the Kingdom of Navarra in just a couple of days now. As for me, it will be as Steve Miller sings so eloquently "ridin' along on this big ol' jet plane, but not thinking about my home, Friday night no tears in my eyes, ya know I got to be moving on, big ol' jet airline is gonna take me far away, over to see Navarra, it's gonna be a winetastic day" [ha, something like that].

It's with "new" eyes that I hope to see some of the things most folks easily pass-by and never give it another thought. It's new thoughts and insights that I hope to be bringing to the pages of this blog as I and few other fellow wine-writers set off to truly discover the Kingdom of Navarra; it past, it's present and the future as it not only relates to wine and the vine, but also its connection to our everyday lives. Wine is not just an something to drink; it something that really connects us all in ways I don't think any other beverage has or ever will.

Navarra's unusual past and diverse topography has surely made it an attraction for "off the beaten path" travelers whose love of food and zealous fasination with all things vino like myself. Most folks may not know that the old Kingdom of Navarra [autonomous region in northern Spain] has preserved its royal nobility and rich traditions of food and wine; which makes it an ideal place for the wandering wino to visit today.

Every year in Pamplona, a province within the borders Navarre has a event that many know as the famous "running of the bulls" or the Fiesta de San Fermin going on each and every year in July. And of course that event brings an abundance of traditional media focus on this area; it would be a shame not to find a way link these subjects together in the future. So once on the ground I hope I have the opportunity to learn of a way to link this highly publicized event in future posts with the Navarra Wine Scene [no-bull], while I am on my own wine-soaked journey in Spain. 

You may still find some stories about the "Kingdom of Pink" that was posted by the GMR. In it he speculates that perhaps Navarra wines had an identity crisis. That was possibly feuled by folks with different agendas for the region. That story line is now in the past. So what has changed? They have decided to work together to rebuild that lost identity with a renewed sense of vision for the future, while remembering and honoring their past. Navarra is far more than just "pink" wines and that is a perception I hope to change.

So enter the Navarra Five; a group of wine writers whose mission it will be to bring this region to life; to give insights and tell the story about their renewed focus on producing quality juice. To hopefully introduce to a world thirsty for superbly made wines of reasonable prices [I'm all in on that count]. The Wines of Navarra would like to invite you to "like" them on their FB fan page to you can follow the exploits of the Navarra five [click here] or get to know them better through their website. 

While I am there, depending on my ability to get online I will attempt to post a story each day about new discoveries; via pictures and or video or perhaps a few thoughts and impressions. Until next time sip long an prosper, cheers!


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