Red Mountain Uncorked: 2007 Arch Terrace Merlot

In the Wine of the Week spotlight this week a sample of Red Mountain's Arch Terrace 2007 Merlot from fine folks at Terra Blanca. A winery dedicated to environmentally sound farming practices, which are evident in every sip and slurp.

I needed a quick fix for dinner last night. So into the freezer I went and pulled what seems to be a new trend on grocery store aisles these days; chef-inspired insta-meals. Opening the freezer door and spied out the Braised-Beef, Portobello Tortellinis, diced red peppers, spinach and covered in a Marsala Wine Sauce, I immediately thought hmmm this should be a spot-on pairing with some Red Mountain Merlot and oh-boy I was right; this wine paired oh-so nicely, can we say happy-dance?

In the glass a great looking ruby core, on the palate ripe fruit flavors are joined by subtle toast and mocha nuances, good acidity, making this wine a great example of Red Mountain fruit which is soft and approachable, but maintains a sturdy frame of tannins and good overall structure.

A great food wine as well that will play nicely from with many different types of entrees like barbecued chicken or with the suggested pairing mentioned above. It's also great wine to sit back and sip on after a long work day. Either way you do it, this is the type of wine that's ready when you are, as there is no fuss or muss needed, it pours from the bottle dressed to impress.

I really love the Merlot coming out of Washington State, they seem to have so much more structure and finesse than many other Merlots that I've encountered else where. In many places it's a great blending grape, but as a stand alone varietal many seem to fall short of the mark, tending to be a bit on the flabby side of the equation. But in Washington State and on Red Mountain specifically Merlot really stands out and shines brightly on its own.

When you can get a wine of this quality at this price point it really makes me, stand-up and take notice. The Arch Terrace 2007 Merlot hits every note and then-some. It sells for a SRP of $20, making it easy on the wallet and plush on the palate. I gave this wine a solid score of 90 points and highly recommend you give it a swirl. Until next time sip long and prosper, cheers everyone!


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