Rhone Zone: Treana Central Coast Rhone Blend

With all the super hero movies packing folks in theatres these days it is easy to lose focus on one of most important abilities that anyone person or in this case any wine, winery or winemaker could have year in and year out.

I have to agree with Mr. Jones who said it best "The greatest ability is dependability" ~ Bob Jones. With that thought in mind; I've uncorked another fab-wine to your attention. It's one of my favorite’s year in and year out. Every time I give this wine a swirl, it does not matter what year happens to be, this wine never fails to impress me.

This wine rolls over my palate like a steam shovel of fermented fig, honey and nutty goodness. If you have not had the pleasure of "her" company, I'd seek her out and giving it a swirl. I'd recommend grabbing it by the case; even letting you sit in your pantry for a year or two, providing it's cool enough to do that where you live.

To me, it just gets better with each passing year. When ever I head over to Costco's wine aisle to refill the pantry I always look for the oldest vintages and stock up. This wine is widely distributed, the Costco here in the San Diego market has been carrying this wine for years, it sells for about $15 - $16 which is great QPR.

This is the kind of wine that really gives a good bang for the buck. It’s great to drink with a little chill on the bottle on its own or paired with your favorite recipe. I paired this wine with some barbecued pork chops [evoo, salt, pepper and pinch of garlic] some home-made scalloped potatoes and a light, lean spinach salad.

Not sure if you can read the label all too well but this wine is a delish blend of Viognier 55% and Marsanne 45%, a percentage that varies year to year. Two blended Rhone varietals combine to make a wine that has great body, nice acidity to carry the abundant fruit and a long lengthy finish. I give this wine a solid score of at 90 points and highly recommend you giving it a swirl yourself.

I've snatched off the label and have thrown it into my wine-journal [the catalyst for this blog], as a reminder of what wonderful wines can be made in the right hands from even from generic Central Coast fruit. Until next time, sip long and prosper cheers!


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