Wine of the Week: Elyssia, Cava from Spain

It has been said that; "Dreams are nothing but incoherent ideas, occasioned by partial or imperfect sleep ~ Benjamin Rush.

It's from an over-worked slumber that I often awake from a nights sleep, remembering wild dreams, replete with wild concepts or new ideas. Where do those ideas end up, somewhere on the back-burner of my subconscious, whispering in the dark, "someday, someday." But alas, I'm not a writer, more of a chronicler of impressions about the vinous world of which brings me and so many others so much joy. I hope to bring some of that joy to an empty glass near you.

If I were a writer, I'd not be making a flimsy living in the sales game by day and blogging by night. But still, I hope that something I put down in this blog will become a sort of mediocre guidepost of sorts, helping the wandering-wino to find some of the best juice on the market today, wines with a soul.

Does it have to cost $124 to acquire a vintage 2002 Dom to make you happy, I dare say nay, not even one bit. But its mere appearance as a gift in many splendid boxes may just make a much bigger splash, than the bubbles awaiting in that bottle waiting to be released upon the unsuspecting. But what do I know, I'm not a certified anything, I've got no credentials, got no stinking papers, hell I don't even have a badge.

I'm just a wine-soaked enthusiast who wants to help the average garden variety vino-sapiens make their way through the purple stained pages of wanna-be wine-sage to find a quaffable glass of wine. With that random mess of thought having smacked you across the face, like the awkward toss of a stinky mackerel at your favorite local fish market, it's time swerve into a review of newfound bubbly I received as a sample sometime last month.

With it nearly being time to suck down a few suds to ring in the New Year, I know many of you may be thinking what kind of juice you should you be uncorking for New Years. If you want to make it something new and different than you could not possibly get more different than this bottle of wine from our mutual friends at Freixenet. This beautiful bottle of bubbly [Cava] resides in an eloquent bottle, the wine itself is dressed to impress from the first sip to the last bubbly drop. Pairing suggestion; I'm thinking a holiday style glazed spiral cut ham and a fresh homemade summer potato salad, replete with olives, hard-boiled eggs, macaroni, and tuna.

A unique blend of Pinot Noir and Trepat, full of intensely ripe summer red fruit aromas evocative of summer simmer on the beaches of Barcelona. Rich, elegant yet ripe raspberries, red currants, and bright newly harvested cherries fill your glass, while at the same time bringing beautifully balanced acidity to the party and at long last giving the weary reveler a refreshing, yet long-lasting finish. It has an SRP of a mere $18 and is widely available. I gave this bubbly score of 91 points; I recommend it to you profoundly to help you ring in the New Year. Until next time sip long and prosper cheers!


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