About San Diego: Paint N Vineyard

“A writer should write with his eyes and a painter paint with his ears” ~ Gertrude Stein

Hopefully after tonight's class, I'll be a bit more confident in both of these artistic areas, but I won't count on it. The last time I had a brush in my hand was back when I needed to get my deposit back from the land-lady. So a new concept has come to the San Diego wine scene and yours truly has been invited to splash a few colors on a canvas, slurp some wine and perhaps even get in touch with my inner-artist.

That said, Paint and Vineyard color my interest, piqued. I can't wait to get that brush in my hand, a blank canvas before me and hopefully make a splash of artistic delight, but most likely it will turn out more like my finger painting projects when I was back in school. Mrs. Cuvee will be joining me for the evening and I can't wait to see how she colors her world.

The concept of Paint N Vineyard in Scripps Ranch area, is pretty simple, bring a few bottles of wine, a few friends and they furnish the rest, paint, the canvas, brushes and apron, coupled with the instruction of seasoned artists and step by step instruction, a great painting is easily within your grasp. The cost is $35 per student and is BYOB. It could make for a very unique first date night or even a smart way for professional folks looking for a great retreat venue. I've included a video below, which helps you get a good idea of what the glass is like and what to expect. I'll update this post with my finished painting tomorrow. Until next time sip long and prosper!

Here's part two, the day after my first, but hopefully not my last art class at Paint and Vineyard. You'll will find their studio neatly tucked away on the right side of the Carroll Canyon Road exit on I-15 in a small office park, back behind and to the right of the martial arts school. Don't drive too fast or you will completely miss it. Just below you can see my so-called work of art, hey don't scoff too loud, as you can plainly see I'm no writer and neither am I an artist, but I think in this case it's more about the journey, than the destination.

The part you don't want to miss out on; is the fun atmosphere of this art studio where you can learn some basic techniques on painting, while being encouraged at the same time to let go, seize upon that inner artist and above all have some fun. Mrs. Cuvee and I had a great time learning basic brush strokes, how to blend paints, add perspective, shadowing. But mostly the thing I came away with it's a fun evening out, something very different, and the opportunity to bring my own wine, perhaps a few snacks to share before hand with the other students. I'd would recommend giving Paint N Vineyard a swirl yourself, until next time sip long and prosper, cheers!


Jeff said…
Thank you for the wonderful blog about our little studio. By the way I think your painting came out awesome!!

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