Chill Out: Bottle Bubble Freeze

So are you thinking of a BYOB evening at your favorite restaurant? Or perhaps you just want to keep those tasty bottles of Sauvignon Blanc, fresh and crisp while chilling out at the beach. Then this new wine-purse is probably is a great item to add to your collection of must-have wine related accessories. It comes in many attractive colors; it can be easily thrown into the freezer to achieve that maxim chill effect. Now I've not taken the time to test out this product for myself, nor did I receive it as a sample, but I snapped this picture of this product while I was in Paso Robles last week, sold at The Pithy Little Wine Company. You can also get it here for $20 plus shipping. The weekend is here, I hope everyone has a great one, until next sip long and prosper cheers!


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