Wine of the Week: Bonny Doon Vineyard, 2010 Le Cigare Blanc

Time for another wine of the week and this time it's a fantastic Rhone style white wine from Bonny Doon Vineyards. But before I launch into a review of the wine, I wanted to share with you a quote from this wonderfully iconic winemaker Randall Graham [someone I admire greatly], from his own book, "Been Doon So Long". This quote is from page 260 in a chapter entitled; Doon to Earth.

This quote from the book comes in the context where he's attempting to explain the sale of the Big House and Cardinal Zin brands that went down in 2009; a sale which caused no small amount of confusion to many familiar with Bonny Doon Vineyards.

Mr. Graham explained his lament about many folks confusion over the sale and the new direction of the Bonny Doon brand explained it this way in the book; "Been Doon So Long" [one I highly recommend reading] "The wines we are now producing are much better and more “serious” – if by that we mean as winegrowers we are more focused and attentive – but I fear my reputation as a jocular marketer may forever-doom (or doon) my chances of the world ever taking the wines themselves seriously." Not in my book, Mr. Graham, not in my book.

I for one, having recently received a sample of the 2010 Le Cigare Blanc, a true Rhone style white wine from planet Earth, I can emphatically say with absolutely no reservation, folks you need to take this wine serious. This is some very tasty juice, a great white wine which I highly recommend to you. But for those of you in the anti-flavor league, [you know who you are =p] you may just want to skip this wine, as you'll be more than overwhelmed by a deft-palate of flavors and enticing aromas, that far exceed the stony minerality and uber high acid style many point to as the pinnacle of all things great in white wines.

This wine is produced from the grape of the Beeswax Vineyard, proudly announced on the label, the wine which comes under a screw-cap for ultra-easy access is a blend of 55% Rousanne and 45% Grenache Blanc. This wine has great body, superb structure and is complimented with a zippy acidity that is plumbed into the fruit, made in a style which is immediately approachable. So if you are sick of oakey-dokey California Chardonnay, looking for a departure from the ordinary-everyday ho-hum Sauvignon Blanc, than folks this wine is for you.
Tasting Note: This wine grace your glass with hay-colored finesse, easily finds that great balance on the hire-wire act between tension and lavishness. Flat-out fun beeswax flavors, this wine has real Roussanne depth, gobs-smacks of honey, ripe peach and tropical flavors dancing with overripe sliced mango, wrapped in some nice floral flavors. This wine has some great acidity and a wound-up minerality that ties the whole thing up in a pretty package and yet a wine that pushes the limits, and succeeds at every turn.

Pairing Questions: If you’re like me; I'm always on the prowl for recommendations on what to pair, so if you're are looking for some great pairing ideas, I think I've found just the place for finding that perfect pairing with this wine, just click over here to find one that will work for you.

Price and Points: It sells for just $18 -$20 most places, that I've seen online and it looks like I may have been one of the first to review this new vintage. I scored this wine a delicious 91 points and I further award it the highly coveted "drink now and drink often" recommendation. So what are you waiting for? Order some today, you won't be disappointed.

If you consider yourself a cork-dork of any stripe or you're just the average vino-sapien looking for a great read, you'll also want to get a copy of his book, Been Doon So Long. Until next time folks, please sip long and prosper. By the way, please remember not to drink this wine too cold, or you'll miss out on all the wonderful layers of complexity just waiting to unfold in your glass. Cheers!


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