Wine of Interest: 2010 Daou Reserve Zinfandel

"Writers about wine should, at least on occasion, be troublesome, irritating and critical.” ~ Andrew Jefford

Now I normally have a wine of the week, but seeing this wine really didn't quite fit into my normal headline as the "Wine of the Week", I decided to go with a new title, "Wine of Interest". While the Zinfandel in today's spotlight is a very good bottle, one which I can highly recommend to you. It unfortunately can't make the cut as my wine of the week, because the quality to price ratio is beyond the pale of what I consider reasonable [IMHO].

Now about the wine; 100% free-run juice, no press juice anywhere in sight, so that may explain part of the higher cost. Some subtle, but decidedly spicy undertones put its mark on their 2010 vintage. On the plate, a vibrant display of acidity enhances the play of the usual suspects.

Big briary raspberry and blackberry varietal expression await the thirsty vino-sapien. So do you like it lush? If so this wine will not disappoint, a velvety mouth feel interwoven with fine, integrated tannins which rush to greet each sip, slurp and even a long gulp, if you feel so inclined. Additionally you’ll find this wine full-bodied; it has a juicy mid-palate and is shot through with elegant "balance." While this wine is bit more coin than I’m use to paying for a Zinfandel from Paso Robles, it did give a stellar performance at every angle, I gave this little stunner, 91 points.

Now that said, this winery is located in wonderful Paso Robles, found high a-top one of the areas highest points and the views from the outside tasting area is spectacular. One well worth the drive to the top, it must be especially gorgeous at this time of year, vine covered hills full of fruit, sitting among a green canopy that stretches for what seems like miles. Until next time folks, remember it's the weekend, so sit back and enjoy and never forget to sip long and prosper cheers!


Kristy Kelley said…
I like it lush! Thanks for the recommendation, I like to splurge every now and then.

-- Kristy @ Wine Logic
Its very interesting post to read as i like the way you written your post ...overall its good post keep it up
Bill Eyer said…
Hey @TheWineWrangler

Thanks so much for your insightful and dare I say well written comments, you keep it up too!
Bill Eyer said…
Hi Kristy,

Well if you like it "lush" this wine is definitely for you, one that I'd definitely call a splurge wine.


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