Wine Tasting: Rules of the Road

Some people drink from the fountain of knowledge, others just gargle. ~Robert Anthony

Rules, rules, rules they're everywhere and, just about anywhere one may look these days. But, if you're ever in doubt about what the rule is, then there's the always the good old "rule of thumb" or that old fashion notion of common sense. But as we all know, some folks just don't take the time to think about rules when it comes time to visit their favorite winery and/or wine tasting room.

So what about the "rules" for going wine-tasting? What are they? Should there be any? I think there should be and so do many other seasoned vino-sapiens.  So whether you're going wine-tasting for the weekend in Napa or Sonoma or you're planning to visit a wine-festival, a portfolio tasting, or just the average garden-variety wine tasting, it's important to understand a few rules before hitting the wine-trail. 

Seeing I've been to my share of tasting-rooms and wine-festivals, I thought this video would be a good idea to help the average vino-sapiens understand the rules-of-engagement sort-a-speak and, more importantly, the viewpoint from the other side of the tasting table/bar. Please remember while you're on the path to wine discovery, you're going to be wine-tasting not wine drinking. 
As we all know, life is short, so remember until next time sip long and prosper cheers!


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