Fié Gris and Me

"The wine cup is the little silver well, where truth, if truth there be, doth dwell" ~ William Shakespeare 

Folks who know me, understand that I'm not a big fan of Sauvignon Blanc, but to be fair I rarely even think about uncorking a white wine. I do however love all types of Sauvignon Blanc as a go-to ingredient for various recipes. That said, every once in a great while, I'll reach for a white wine and often it's something like a Grenache blanc from Paso Robles or the Rhone and possibly even a random Riesling [the wine that supposedly goes with everything].

Last night was one of those moments, as I was preparing Katie Lee's easy-breezy [so simple even a vinosapien like me could prepare that] Sole Meunière Recipe [seen below], while the Prez was giving everyone "the same old song and dance" via the State of Union Show. I sadly opened/uncorked my very last bottle of 2010 Fié Gris I had stashed in the cellar, so now it's time I look for a refill. 

This Recipe below turned out perfectly, and the resulting sauce was in a word "wow" and I know that because the ever fussy [discriminating] Mrs. Cuvee asked for a second helping, that's how I know I've hit the proverbial home-run. A fact that further demonstrates that if I can prepare this dish, anyone can. Sadly, tho she is still not sold on the beautiful qualities of Fié Gris like I am. Btw, if you save room with dessert FG goes great with toasted marshmallows.


One of the big wine [surprises] discoveries for me last year is a great little wine called Fié Gris, [Éric Chevalier] a wine which to me is the poster boy for "esoteric". And for me to be crazy [wonderfully excited] about any Sauvignon Blanc, it would appear that it has to be French, and it's typically a Sancerre which captivates me so often. Now enter Fie Gris [Loire Valley, Pays Nantais, Vin de Pays du Jardin] I really dig this description below.
"Long before there was Sancerre and/or Pouilly-Fumé, certainly long before Marlborough or perhaps even Sauternes. And long, long before there was even Sauvignon Blanc in the New World, storytellers and wine historians say, there was Fie Gris." ~ North Berkeley Imports.
The following was my tasting note from last year. Nothing has changed, this a wine with real soul and substance. The nose on this wine grabbed my attention immediately; very smoky very [gunflint], bell-pepper, loads of wet-stone, infused with just a twist of lemon peel and not fully ripe plums. On the palate, vivid acid, but still a lush full bodied mouth feel, smoke from a distant fire, herbaceous, wet-stone fruit, making for a wonderfully terroir-driven wine experience not to be missed. 

I've not sure ever tasted a wine similar to it, but there's something familiar about it. I found it to be a very exotic wine to be sure, but nonetheless extremely captivating, inviting sips at first, then slurps and finally even a big gulp [oh-my]. 

Until next time folks remember, while we recognize that convenience is an important factor in the fast turn-around bottled [#wine] segment. It's my contention that good food & good wine should not be the rare commodity, but rather it should be a model which we strive to live-by!

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